Diversity Integration

The Associate Vice President of Diversity Integration works with students, faculty, and staff in developing and coordinating diversity-centered programs, forums, and campus-wide events; initiating training and development opportunities; supporting curricular, pedagogical, and scholarly innovation; consulting on best practices in the recruitment, retention, and development of diverse students, faculty, and staff; providing leadership in establishing a welcoming campus culture and climate for persons from diverse communities; creating and sustaining a clearinghouse and archive of diversity materials and resources; and forging external partnerships with organizations and groups in the larger community.

Hamline’s five schools have more than 4,500 students, and each one of these students is different. They’re different in ways you can see and in ways that you cannot.  Each comes here with a unique set of experiences and has their own individual experience at Hamline.

This diversity is not merely a characteristic of Hamline, but an integral part of its identity and values. It’s who we are, what we do, and how we see the world. Hamline isn’t a place where you “fit in,” conforming to the Hamline mold.  Rather, Hamline “fits in” you, welcoming your unique contributions and valuing who you are.


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