John Shepard shares two games on environmental education

StormDrainGoalieJohn Shepard shared two environmental educational games that are currently in development: Storm Drain Goalie and Estuaries in the Balance: The Texas Coastal Bend.

“The StormDrain Goalie project doesn’t have a web site yet and isn’t yet available in iTunes, though it should be within a month or so. The project’s elements include:

  • A simple game app that engages younger users in keeping common pollutants from washing into a storm drain while allowing untainted water drops to enter the drain. A Rogues Gallery about the pollutants and the importance of fresh water provides background information. This has been developed as a proof-in-concept application as part of a larger plan to add levels to the game and create additional, similar games on related issues.
  • A public exhibit format, which debuted at the State Fair’s Eco Experience Building, that includes a series of iPad kiosks, a photo studio where people were photographed wearing a Storm Drain Goalie outfit. The photos were displayed on a flatscreen monitor at the exhibit.
  • A Facebook app that enabled people to post their StormDrain Goalie pics on Facebook, proclaiming their commitment to be StormDrain Goalies to all of their contacts. Approximately 400 people did this at the Fair and another 400 asked to be placed on an email address list, giving us contact info for more than 800 folks.
  • A contest offering the winner a free iPad where contestants submitted photos they took at home showing them guarding their own storm drain. A 10-year-old boy won the iPad.

We plan to grow and nurture this virtual community with follow up information and opportunities, such as seasonal info on keeping leaves and grass clippings out of storm drains in the autumn, etc.” – John Shepard

The Estuaries in the Balance: The Texas Coastal Bend is a multimedia learning adventure and encourages learners to explore how estuaries create a wild abundance of life. The web-based game is currently in development and will be available soon.


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