Testimonials from Hamline students using clickers

“I like that we use the clickers in the class. It’s one more way to help me from getting bored during the lectures if there really isn’t much interactivity otherwise.” (Chem 1100, Spring 2010)

“We use the data from the clicker questions to get a sense of how the class as a whole is doing in understanding the material and spend extra time on material that we might not be understanding right away.” (Chem 1100, Spring 2010)

“Even though the class was early in the morning, Dr. Morgan would always make it active by using clicker points to understand whether or not students understood the topics for the day.” (Chem 1140, Spring 2010)

“The lectures and clicker questions provided a way for me to review all the stuff I learned from high school. (Chem 1140, Spring 2010)


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