eBooks @ Bush Library

Bush Library started building its ebook collection 10 years ago.  Our first vendor was netLibrary.  We still have our largest collection of ebooks with them:  over 16,000 titles.   We now access titles via five additional vendors, including Oxford Reference Online, Sage, and Gale Virtual Reference.

 These are online books, accessed via the web—they are not downloaded like books on an ebook reader, e.g. the Kindle.  There are two ways you can find them:  via CLICnet or from the vendor site. 

 The advantage of searching CLICnet is that it will retrieve titles regardless of vendor.  In  CLICnet/Encore, simply enter your search term and then, under Format (on the left), click on E-Books/E-Docs.  In CLICnet Classic, enter your search term and change the dropdown box to the right to Electronic Resources.  There is a link in CLICnet to the ebook.You can also go directly to the vendor site.  The advantage of searching this site

directly is that several of these are special collections: 

  •  Gale and Oxford contain strong reference book collections; ebrary’s emphasis (currently) is business and management.
  • To access the vendor sites from our homepage, go to Find Books > ebooks.

You can create a virtual Reference or “Reserve” collection for your course by simply adding links from Blackboard to an ebook.  For example, you could link to the entire Oxford Reference Online collection, directly to their collection of books on the Performing Arts, or directly to The Oxford Companion to American Theatre.  This would be especially useful if you are teaching an online course of off-site, e.g. the Minneapolis location or an off-campus learning community.

If you are interested in purchasing ebooks for the library as part of the regular collection or to use for your course, your library liaison can help

you identify what’s available.  Not sure who that is?  Contact the Reference Desk @ x2375.  If you are interested in creating links to ebooks from your Blackboard course, contact your Instructional Technology Coordinator or Kate Borowske (Bush Library, x2442, kborowske@hamline.edu).


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