Summer 2009 Institute Awardee Luncheon

On behalf of the Race, Gender & Beyond Program and the Office of Diversity Integration, we’d like to invite all university faculty to the 2009 Summer Institute Awardee luncheon on Thursday, March 25th in Sorin B from 11:30-12:45.  The event is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the work done by faculty from across the university on issues of cultural competence in the curriculum.  This year’s awardees are:
1)  Colleen Bell, (CLA) piloting a new course, “Engendering Justice, Pilot Offering of an
Interdisciplinary Course on Girls and Women Behind Bars”
2)  Carolyn Levy (CLA) a new course, the planning of a social justice interactive theater troupe
3)  Miriam Gerberg (CLA.) proposal for addressing service learning and revising the course, “Music
of the World’s Cultures”
4)  Kim Holst, (School of Law) launch a pilot “pipeline for diversity” program at the Law School
5)  Binnur Ozkececi-Taner (CLA) revise the course, “Politics and Society in the Middle East.”
6)  Lisa Bergin (CLA) proposal for assessing the feasibility of offering a locally based philosophy
course that incorporates community learning
7)  Naomi Montgomery (School of Education) initiate assessment of multicultural competencies in a
graduate course
Each grantee will briefly speak to the lessons learned from their projects and then we will open the floor to discussion. We will also update faculty on this year’s Summer Institute plans and on upcoming grant opportunities associated with this year’s Institute. Please RSVP your veggie or non-veggie preference by Tuesday, March 23rd to

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