You Are Invited!

Dinner Workshop for Learning Outcomes Assessment & Cultural Competence

Thursday, February 25th – Sorin Bailey room, 5-7:30 p.m.

             The Race, Gender, and Beyond Faculty Development Project—one of  many initiatives undertaken by the office for Diversity Integration–is sponsoring a dinner workshop for up to 16 participants on the practical construction and assessment of student learning outcomes for cultural competence in individual courses and throughout  a program’s curriculum.

            This workshop will focus on producing both preliminary definitions and some practical drafts for outcomes, objectives, lessons, and teaching strategies.  The workshop will begin with a brief refresher about learning outcomes and a review of some national approaches defining cultural competence, but the express goal of the evening is hands-on instructional design.  Using a process suggested by the work of scholar L. Dee Fink, we’ll collectively engage with a couple of sample courses, to test-drive ways we could diagnose the salient situational factors for “diversity” and work forward (toward learning outcomes) and backward (to those activities and means for assessment) which best fit the needs of each course.  Then participants will in small groups work on the “problem” they bring, with the bulk of our workshop focused on working with our own respective examples.

This workshop is open to ALL Hamline faculty.  RSVP to Mike Reynolds (, 523-2641) by Wednesday, February 17th.


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